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Window Blinds / Shutters

Commercial & Residential

Our experienced design professionals will help you select window treatments that meet your needs for privacy, light control, energy efficiency, and child safety. We will also help you choose colors, textures and finishes that complement your interior décor beautifully. Contact us today to get started!

Our trendy window products are sure to impress you!



Both window blinds and shades deliver the benefits of blocking out light for increased privacy, but each do so in a unique way. Window blinds have slats that can be tilted to control light, where as shades do not. However, the shades give you the option of choosing light filtering material to allow only the exact amount of light you want.



Aluminum blinds are very popular in offices and are almost aways in the 1" variety. These are commonly called mini-blinds but they do come in the smaller 1/2" size known as 'microminis'. These blinds are very cost effective in covering windows and, although the common colors are white and gray, they can be found in variety of colors to match your interior.



Wood blinds are a very stylish way to cover your windows and dress up the interior of your home. They are most commonly in the 2" variety but also come in 1" and 2 1/2". Most wood blinds are made of a very light weight wood called basswood. They can also be found in a variety of oriental hardwoods. This material is perfect for large windows because they do not put undue stress on the headrail.



These blinds are composite material usually made from PVC or plastic, but can include some wood. They are very popular due to durability and easy maintenance. They are especially good for areas that may be exposed to moisture, as they do not warp easily. However, they are substantially heavier, which can be a problem when you have larger windows to cover.



We provide full line of premium custom shutters ranging from wood composite, advanced polymer, to environmentally friendly wood shutters and prestigious solid wood shutters. We offer the most exquisite qualities that are clearly above the industry standards, designed to enhance your overall shutter ownership experience. No matter the size, shape, and color, we have you covered.

Call us at 800-880-8468 for your free consultation and estimate!


Minimalist designed shades and blinds are trending these days. Even if the windows are tinted, you can block harmful UV rays and reduce heat even further by installing our sleek and luxurious windows shades or blinds.



Protect your beautiful and expensive home furnitures and floor from dradually fading and damging by installing one of our many beautifully designed shades and blinds. You can even reduce your monthly utility bill!

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