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Residential ESS Power Storage Wall Lifepo4 10Kwh Lithium Battery Solar Energy Storage System - Tesla Powerwall Replacement 


This battery can be combined and add up to 16 batteries with a total 160 KwH Power. This baterry offer 10KwH, 20KwH, 30KwH, 40KwH, 50KwH, 60KwH, 70KwH, 80KwH, 90KwH, 100 KwH, 110 KwH, 120 KwH, 130 KwH, 140 KwH, 150 KwH, 160 KwH Power storage system.


1. Advanced lithium iron phosphate technology, first class battery control system made by Contemporary Amperex Technology, the world's biggest maker of electric-vehicle batteries who specializes in the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems, as well as battery management systems (BMS).

2. Modular structure which can form varieties of energy levels, small size, convenient to maintain

3. Modular design, fast transportation and installation, easy to use

4. 12 years warranty, one stop service

5. Top level electric and structure design, silence enjoyment

6. Remote control system for APP, visual data

7. Wall-mounted, convenient and easy installation


With modular structure, which can be flexibly composed of a variety of voltage platform, a variety of capacity level system, and easy maintenance.

The design of battery management system provides the highest reliability.

Using Lithium iron phosphate battery, which has high safety performance, long cycle life, with service life of more than 20 years.


Small size, light weight, easy to carry,which can be quickly applied to various scenarios.

This LINIOTECH 10 KWH Power Reserve Power Wall battery storage system has a 10 kWh useable capacity. This is a complete system that comes ready for connection, durable battery, intelligent energy manager and display screen. LINIOTECH uses lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology, one of the most reliable, safest and longest-lasting storage technologies currently available. LiFePO4 is a popular technology for stationary storage systems due to its uniquely high chemical stability and resulting high reliability, durability and long lifespan.


Power Rating: 10 kWh

Inverter Not Included: Compatible all inverters (Please see the list below)

Installation Type: DC-Coupled

Phase: Single Phase

Certification: UL1973, UL9540A - pending, IEC62619,CE-EMC, UN38.3, MSDS,Test Report from National Center For Quality Supervision and Inspection of Battery Products approved

Utilizes LINIOTECH Power Reserve Power Wall Battery Storage mobile app to monitor and control your system



Battery Type




Operating Voltage

51.2 Vdc

Max. charging voltage

56 Vdc

Cut-off Discharge Voltage

46 Vdc

Max. charging and discharging current


Nominal Parameters




Basic Parameters


Net Weight

~216 lbs

Dimension (W*D*H)

735 x525x190(220)mm

Ingress Protection



Natural Cooling

Operation Condition


Life time(25°C)

20 Years

Life cycles(80% DOD, 25°C)

8500 Cycles

Storage time / temperature

5 months @ 25°C; 3 months @ 35°C; 1 month @ 45°C

Operation temperature

-20°C to 60°C @60+/-25% Relative Humidity

Storage temperature

0°C to 45°C @60+/-25% Relative Humidity

Lithium Battery Standard

UL1973 - pending , UL9540A - pending , IEC62619,CE-EMC, UN38.3, MSDS


If the size and parameters of the product are changed, the latest information will prevail without further notice.

LINIOTECH 10 kW Lifepo4 Wall Mounted Battery Storage

  • Say Goodbye to BLACKOUTS. With LINIOTECH 10 KWH Power Reserve Power Wall Battery Storage, you will never lose power during an power outage and can save big on your utility bill.


    This energy storage system that keeps your home powered during an power outage—and provides energy independence from the grid. For those homes equip with solar panels, The Power Reserve Power Wall system will store the solar energy gathered throughout the day when sun is up and reserves that energy for use for night use and whenever you want it. This system will be your energy bank account where you can make deposits and withdrawals as needed.


    Power Reserve Power Wall system comprises of a battery and is able to be coupled DC input configurations. These components can be installed indoors (e.g., your garage) or outdoors (e.g., side of the house). And best of all, Power Reserve is compatible with ANY solar panel installation.


    Coupling Battery Type
    Maximum Power Output (60 Seconds)
    Charge/Discharge Efficiency
    LINIOTECH Power Reserve Power Wall is outdoor-rated so it can be installed in your basement, in your garage, or on the back of your house. Inside. Outside. Wherever you want it, that’s where we’ll install it.


    LINIOTECH Power Reserve Power Wall battery is reliable, safe, simple and smart. It provides the lowest lifetime engergy cost with backup for both new and retrofit solar customers. 


    Reliable: The sytem has may unique features such as the high reliability, long service life and high energy efficiency of CATL's battery systems, "renewable energy + energy storage" has more advantages in cost per kWh in the whole life cycle. 12 years limited warranty!


    Smart and Safety: Starting from great safety materials, system safety, and whole life cycle safety, the Contemporary Amperex Technology battery pursues every possibility to improve product safety. Mobile app based monitoring. 


    The lithium-ion battery technology and renewable energy power generation technology form a joint system. Through the high-level consistency of cells and the powerful computing of BMS, Contemporary Amperex Technology enables the power generation to restore a stable power grid, optimize the power output curve, reduce solar and wind curtailment, provide system inertia and the functions of frequency and peak modulation, increase the proportion of renewable energy in total power generation, and optimize the energy structure.

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