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High functional film protecting from the sun’s glare for various demands used on Automobiles and Buildings most commonly - this product explains itself. It is meant to block ultra violet rays from entering the enclosed area by applying these films on to the windows of automobiles or windows. With the film being chip-dyed and coated with Scratch Resistance coating and special UV coating, our films will protect from UV rays.

Why does someone need this product?

Automotive glass (except windshields) only protects occupants from UVB rays.  It has been found that UVA rays have detrimental effects on people and UV Shield provides 99.9% UVA protection in addition to UVB.


Why would someone want UV Shield instead of conventional glass tinting?

Many individuals do not like "tinting".  They want a clear appearance on their vehicle.  UV Shield at 70% visible light transmission on glass provides a virtually clear appearance.  Also, in many states tinting is either illegal or has limited application.


Why would someone care whether their tinting is 99% or 99.9%?

If an individual has any type of sun sensitivity they want the highest level of protection.  UV Shield at 99.9% covers a wider range of UVA wavelengths than other films.


Does UV Shield provide the same degree of solar protection as darker tinted films?

No, because UV Shield has such a high light transmission it does not provide the heat and glare reduction of darker (50%, 35%, etc) glass tinting.


How long will the film last?

UV Shield has a lifetime warranty to the original owner of the vehicle against cracking, peeling and bubbling.  The ultraviolet absorbing properties of the film may change very slightly over the lifetime of the film depending on atmospheric conditions.  Individuals with medical conditions and UV sensitivity should have their film checked after 3 years to ascertain any change, which they feel may be detrimental.  The warranty does not cover replacement for UV absorbency changes.


Are there competitive products equal to UV Shield?

No, UV Shield is unique.  Courtaulds Performance Films has applied for a patent and is the only company making a film with this unprecedented level of UV protection.


Will UV Shield prevent my vehicle interior from fading?

No film product prevents fading entirely.  Fading is a chemical reaction to a combination of heat, light and ultraviolet.  While UV Shield will reduce fading and interior damage, no product eliminates fading.


Why does UV Shield cost more than some of the traditional films?

Because it is difficult to make a high light transmission product with such a high level of UV absorbers and still maintain good optical clarity.


Can I make any medical claims about this product?

No. There are many factors which are known to contribute to skin cancer and other skin diseases.  Statements about how the film performs are acceptable. DO NOT make any statements about medical benefits of the film.

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